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About Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper could best be described as a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business while still in high school. He purchased semi-truck loads of logs, cut them into firewood, and sold them by the cord.

While in college he purchased run-down homes and ultimately eight apartment units in Grand Haven. Shortly after putting himself through college, Bill took the $50,000 he had saved through his early ventures and started a quick printing business in Fruitport. Why quick printing? Because he happened to read an article suggesting that quick printing would be one of the fastest growing industries in the nation over the next five years. Billy the Printer soon grew into three locations and is still in operation today, owned by one of Bill’s first employees.

In the past twenty-five years Bill has also owned and operated several fitness clubs, an outdoor advertising company, a corporate aircraft brokerage business, a travel agency, a professional hockey team, and several other commercial properties and developments.

Among his business accomplishments, Bill will say that he is probably the most proud that through all of the businesses, business cycles, and hundreds of employees, he has never had to lay off a single employee nor has he ever had a bill go unpaid.

He is the only person to be a Muskegon County Entrepreneur of the Year finalist four different years, with four different companies.

For years people that know Bill Cooper have encouraged him to run for public office. With the announcement of Pete Hoekstra’s retirement of Michigan’s Second Congressional District seat, Bill believes that this is the right time for him to run for public office. Bill, along with his supporters, believes that his experience, vision and unwavering commitment to fiscally conservative values are desperately needed in Washington. Bill intends to pursue this next phase of his life with the same commitment to learning, and the same passion and enthusiasm that he employs with everything he does. He believes that real leadership isn’t just spending taxpayer dollars, but reforming the system and making tough decisions.